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Tips and Tricks INCREASE Dota 2 Match Making Rank (MMR) Fast?

For those of you who don’t know what is DOTA 2.
Dota 2 is a competitive game where each opposing team fight with skills to destroy each other’s ancient tower. Well, title explains its self already DOTA stands for Defense of the Ancient.

Most of the players are ranked according to their skill in playing the game. This is what we call the MMR or Match Making Rank. The higher your rank is the better player you are. So how can we get a better MMR score?

We can increase our MMR just playing DOTA 2 of course.(but in Ranking match not the casual game)

TIP #1
Communication is the key-Most the players in the Dota 2 don’t really communicate. Each team should strategically pick their hero carefully that can fill up the composition of a good team of Five (there must be One carry, One support, One tanker, One offlaner or jungle and one midlaner). Each position should be filled can really help and every one should stick to their position for the team. One bad example of this is a team of 5 carries. It’s better to quit the game if I were you.

Stick to your favorite hero- DOTA 2 has more than 100 heroes to pick from and some of them are to hard to master. (e.g. Invoker, Meempo and Visage). So I suggest to spam your favorite hero through out your Ranking games. High winning probability heroes are Spectre and Abbadon. But stick to your favorite if you have one until you are playing better than anyone else with that hero.

Have a decent and stable internet connection- This is self explanatory. Internet Lagging is one of the most terrible things to happen in DOTA 2 games really. Even the nicest person turns into something terrifying when the game suddenly lags in the middle of the fight.

These 3 Tips will help you a lot in increasing your DOTA 2 MMR quickly.
CHEERS to DOTA 2 players out there. Tips and Tricks INCREASE Dota 2 Match Making Rank (MMR) Fast?

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